Rewards Program

If you love your Wearitlove Jewelry as much as we do. We have created a special Rewards Program for you. Wether you want to create content, post on social media or just leave a positive Feedback. We would be happy about all of them. 

Thanks so much for the support !

Social Media Post: 

1. Film the reaction of Your Loved one receiving the Product as a Gift and looking through to see the photo

2. Post on social media - Instagram, TikTok, Facebook etc.

3. In the text message of the video release @ our website: 


*We will refund you 50% Off Your   Purchase Price

*We pay you 20% of the revenue that will be generated from your post. 


*Please contact us via email at and we will provide you a specific personal coupon code for your followers to use and 

Positive Facebook Survey 

Leave Positive Feedback on the post purchase Facebook Survey Receive 20% Refund or 20% Coupon Code for Your next Order


If you have made an order through our Ads on Facebook, You will be receiving a survey about Your experience with us. This is very important and we would highly appretiate a positive Feedback. Please send the screenshot to our email to receive the refund/coupon. 

Much LOVE