Product Aftercare

Here we like to give you a guide and tipps how to treat your Jewelry Pieces to ensure a long lasting memory that will keep you and your loved ones happy.


Please keep away the Jewelry Products away from any kind of Water.

Please take them off while taking a shower, while swimming etc as it can damage the photo inside and can cause oxidation and discolouring of the Jewelry.

Also please take it off while exercising / working out to prevent exessiv contact to sweat. 

Perfume / Cosmetics and Make Up

As perfume and cosmetic products contain certain chemical substanses that can cause oxidation and discolouring of the jewelry pieces, it is advised to not get them in contact with those. 

Scratches on the Photo Inside 

More often than not the "scratches" are tiny hair or dust that get on the photo.

Please try to blow carefully from the backside or use a cotton swab to carefully clean the photo from the backside of the pendant.

If it still does not go away, please send us an email and we will do our best to assist you with this matter.

Refunds - Returns 

Unfortunetley, we cannot control how you treat your jewelry pieces and with what substances they are getting in contact after you have received them. Therefore we are not responsible for the look and status of them after wearing them for a while.  Unfortunetley, we cannot offer returns or refunds in case of oxidation and discolouring of your jewelry piece.

We appretiate your understanding.